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As your primary care physicians, we at Cornerstone Primary Care offer personalized medical care to meet your needs and help you navigate the complexities of health care to obtain optimal health. We believe in building better health together.



Anthony Bernens, MD

anthony_web_portrait_cropped_v2My philosophy of practicing medicine is building better health care together. I feel that in order to be a healer, I need to develop a healthy doctor-patient relationship where I believe in you and you believe in me. My medical school training was in Ohio at Boonshaft Wright State University Medical School and Internal Medicine Residency training at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California, and I have been practicing medicine for over 22 years.

Many doctors today do not have or do not take the time in their corporate medical practices to empathize and listen to the stories of their patients. They have too many patients in their practice to offer personalized attention with appointment windows that are too short.   I am a different type of primary care doctor. I want to have the time to care about each and every one of my patients because I do truly care about the outcomes and lives of my patients.

I feel as a doctor I can act as a consultant to you and your health and well being. I can offer longer appointments of 30 to 60 minutes to listen to your stories. I want to give you a more caring approach and more empathy to provide a highly personalized approach to your medical care.

I will demonstrate to you that you are heard and that your concerns and health needs are met to the very best of my ability. Patients describe me as a very thorough and a caring primary care doctor.

I want my patients like you to be healthy, fun people living life to its fullest. The ability and honor to be a part of your life as your primary care physician drives me to get up every day as a doctor and to make a difference in your life.

Ross Allen Pirkle, MD MS

ross_web_portrait_cropped_v2As your Personal Physician I feel personally fulfilled when I can act as your advocate for your health goals and serve as a navigator through the calm and rough seas of health and illness.

I bring to our table 19 years of practice in the John Muir Community and the tremendous fortune of having been trained and educated at two of our top Universities; U.C. Berkeley and U.C. San Francisco, where I still maintain many of my collegial relationships.

My 4 years serving as Chief of Medicine at John Muir, Walnut Creek helped to further my relationships with colleagues in the medical and surgical sub-specialties which helps you, my patient, to be referred to some of the finest and most talented specialists personally and professionally. These are physicians that I have sought to treat myself and my own family.

The joy of practicing Internal Medicine is using all my scientific knowledge and knowing the limitations simultaneously. I firmly believe to achieve optimal health, a plurality of therapies such as Chiropractic, Eastern Medicine, Behavioral health, Rehabilitation therapies, and Body work; may all be necessary.

The greatest reward for me as a personal physician is knowing, understanding, and empowering my patients to achieve their health goals. I believe Cornerstone Primary Care will provide the optimal environment and resources for you and I to build optimal health together.

“It was a new health care experience for me when I joined Cornerstone Primary Care. At my comprehensive first meeting with Dr Bernens, who reviewed my health records, coordinated my care with specialists and then reviewed their reports with me and made valued suggestions and follow ups. In addition, Dr Bernens called me at home to explain some of the more significant test results. It is a pleasure for me to recommend Dr. Bernens and Cornerstone Primary Care to patients who are looking for an outstanding primary care.”

Hamid K., Walnut Creek


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